Sustainable NRMA in a Living City
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Chris Elenor
B. Tech. Soc. Sci. Hons, MA Business, MAIM


using a word eg sustainable or
a phrase eg "climate change"


Sometimes Asked Questions

What would a sustainable NRMA in a living city look like?
Rising fuel prices?
Slowing climate change?
The public and private transport mix?
Two and three wheelers on the Roads?
Learner and provisional drivers?
What About the Cross City Tunnel?
Cycleways in the Inner West?
More flashing lights and lollipops needed?
NRMA Good Governance: An oxymoron?
What about the workers?
Incumbent Directors Rule OK

News & views

Doubts cast on validity of NRMA ballot
NRMA's bill sends battler to bankruptcy
Dr David Worth: MAD CAR disease
From the Glovebox to the Garbage Bin
Cut reliance on oil or face inflation
Why Voting Matters

NRMA Board Candidate for Simms

Chris has extensive experience as a Director and Chairman of the Board of several successful mutual companies and member based organisations such as Redfern Legal Centre Ltd., Strathfield Symphony Orchestra and Down Syndrome NSW.

Chris is Principal of a consultancy company advising on social and market futures. From 2001 to 2004, Chris worked with NRMA Motoring & Services to understand the NRMA operating environment and the needs and aspirations of members. Some strategies for a sustainable future are in place; others are urgently needed.

Chris has lived and worked around Sydney for 30 years. He understands the transport and mobility needs and problems of members in the City and the Inner West. He is a member of The Greens and has been active in campaigns around aircraft noise, urban freeways and open space.

He is standing for:

A Sustainable NRMA in a Living City

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Strategic Direction: Help and Sustainability

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